Khadija Siddique; the girl who put up a fight against the classmate who stabbed her. She is a strong woman determined to get justice. Khadija was stabbed almost 23 times by her male friend but she didn’t mourn the tragedy at home.


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She stood up for herself and demanded justice. The perpetrator was the son of an influential lawyer. This didn’t stop Khadija from demanding justice.

Khadija is a student of law, in her early twenties. The way she handled everything she faced is commendable.

The most amazing thing about this whole case was not Khadija standing up for herself. It was the way she took the lead in the situation. Being a witness in a couple of court hearings myself, I saw her standing with her head held high and taking care of everything all by herself.


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In our country there is no smooth running, especially when you are a woman. A woman standing in a courtroom filled with men, some eyeing her from head to toe, some making false allegations on her character and judging her for having male acquaintances.

All this didn’t stop her from making sure the guilty party got what he deserved. This only made her stronger and more determined for her cause.

Achieving what she hoped for was a big feat. We all admire her for her strength. She is now doing something to help law students.


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Khadija, in collaboration with the Blackstone College of Law has announced a scholarship. This scholarship is for law students. It’s for deserving students who want to pursue an external degree in Law.

Blackstone College of Law has also announced that Khadija will be personally looking into the applications. She will be among the people deciding which candidate deserves the scholarship.

We hope that this effort to extend help to students from the fraternity of law bears fruit. For more info click here.
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